Xeni Jardin

Writer and Public Speaker in Utah

“Flamethrowing writer”—@sulliview.

Technology journalist online, on TV, on stage, on your radio, and in print since the 1990s. Breast cancer survivor, now a big fan of science, evidence-based medicine, and recovery in its many forms.

Living & writing in the rural high desert of Utah, and in Los Angeles. Internet publishing veteran. Health care for all advocate. Reluctant social media pro.

What I do now: I write. I think. I live.

I run Boing Boing with my friends. It started as a zine in the mid-80s, became a website in 2000, then morphed into one of the first 'weblogs' soon after. We're still a fiercely independent online internet culture publication, still doing our thing, still loving it, and so do our readers apparently.

Until Virgin America was bought by Alaska, I hosted & co-created the Webby-honored 'Boing Boing TV' you may have watched in-flight on Virgin.

Places where you may have found my tech journalism since the '90s: KCRW, NPR, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, Wired, NYT, LAT, Guardian.

Press about me: Buzzfeed, LA Weekly, Guardian, MH, Coilhouse, NYT. More out there if you want to find it.

For broadcast interview or speaking event inquiries, & other business or press requests: 📧 [email protected] Everyone else? Email's in my bio, and you can use the form here. Thanks for stopping by.

— X

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